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Large Capacity Solar Heater

Micro prosessore base solar controller : Timing heating, Temperature difference control, Collector emergency shutdown, collector cooling function, Tank re-cooling function, Temperature controlled hot water circulation pump, Wilo circulation pump, Back-up energy control function.

Benchmark Flat plate solar collector : Gross area (m2) 2m2, Absorber area (m2) 1.85m2, Glass low iron pattern tempered, glass thickness 3.2mm, Glass trasmission 95%, Header tube copper 25mm, Riser tube copper 12mm, Absorber fin Black chrome full piece by laser, Bottom insulation fiber glass 36kg per cubic, Frame material aluminum alloy 1.2mm, Back plate 0.3mm Galvanised steel, Sealing gasket EPDM, Max operation temperature 200C.

Benchmark evacuated glass tube collector : Evacuated glass double walled tubes, Drawn from toughened borosilicate glass manufactured in the world biggest manufacturing facility., Three layer inner tube coating of copper/ steel/ aluminum silicate for high heat absorption and outer tube coating with anti reflective compound to minimize the heat losses., Tube diameter 58 and length 1800 .

Product Capacity

1000to 50000 LP

Product Features

Site survey, design,supply, installation and commissioning of large level of solar thermal water heating project backed up by after sales service, Offering both types of technologies - Evacuted glass tube collector and flat plate collector, Fully automatic architecture for highest energy capture, retention and distribution with local and remote controls and data acquisition, Complimentary energy back-up using either electricity or gas, Several projects commissioned successfully so far.

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Product Ideal For

Hotel,Hospital,Hostel and Bungalow.